Khai Hoan paper trading service production limited company targeted at the market leader in the paper industry in terms of scale, output, quality of products and services is the market leader in Vietnam. The whole company and staffs of Khai Hoang always get customers. As well as serving customers as a guide for every action.

We always find out, create our products in the best way to serve the paper needs in the market and the trusted place of every customer in the paper sector.


By 2019, We are the leading paper distributor in Vietnam in the field of PPC paper. Always leading the market and the paper industry trend




Provide goods with the best quality, most competitive price

Provide the best service to customers: Timely delivery, guaranteed inventory, ..

Ensure, stabilize the life of employees


Core values

Reputation: Always put prestige in the top of every action with customers and partners

leader: Always monitor customer needs, market developments, ready to provide leading products and services in the market

Profession: Good knowledge of the product, the business market, planned work and the best advice and solutions for customers.